Who we are and what we do

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About gidimagic

gidimagic is a technology company solving the unemployment problem for ambitious young Nigerians lacking opportunities.

Core Mission

Our mission is to help young people in Nigeria become economically productive members of society by connecting them to paid, location based, data collection tasks.With a population of 180m+ people and a youth unemployment rate of 36%, unemployment is a huge problem that needs to be solved.

Our Values

Despite being a fledgling company, we have deeply rooted values which drives us in our lofty goal of solving the unemployment problem in Nigeria with the smart application of technology.

These include:
  1. Be straightforward.
  2. Be fair in all dealings.
  3. Invest in things that do not go out of style.
  4. Treat people right.
  5. Always serve the customer.

Made in Lagos

gidimagic is a product of Logiclabs HQ Lagos, Nigeria.