Frequently asked questions


Getting Started

gidimagic is a service that pays you to collect data and information around you.

Based on your location, you will be recommended to undertake simple data collection tasks and get paid instantly.

  1. Survey tasks: e.g. answer simple questions about yourself, your environment, events and happenings.
  2. Location tasks: e.g. Take pictures, input information about businesses, landmarks, busstops, health facilities etc.
  3. Exploration tasks: This might require travel to specific locations to obtain information e.g. 'I need high resolution pictures of Obudu cattle ranch'.

Great to hear that. Kindly click -> Create account to get started


When creating your account, kindly ensure to input a valid account number and BVN (Nigerians only) to receive your payments.

The price for completing a task depends on the complexity of the task i.e. surveys, location and exploration tasks all cost different.

Once you log in, you will be redirected to your dashboard which shows how much you have earned.

Initiate a cashout transaction in your dashboard, if there are no issues with your account your funds will be in your account in 24 hours.

How to use gidimagic for data collection

We are pleased to hear that. Kindly us an email -> click here, detailing your needs. A representative will get back to you immediately